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MIchael And I

I met Michael in the lobby of my friend’s hotel room. She was having a business meeting so I
took my glass of wine into the reception area and sat down on the hotel’s great big blue sofa
and started to read the NY Times. Michael came into the reception and sat down opposite me.
He was on a vacation with a group of friends and was doing a tour. We just started to engage in
conversation. I asked him why his hair was wet, had it been raining? He said that he had just
jumped out of the shower. I slightly put my head down in a bashful way. It kind of broke the ice!
We talked for about 30 mins and well we hit it off. He said he was staying in the hotel for
another week and my friend was also staying in the hotel for another 5 days so I had another
chance of seeing him again. We said our goodbyes after a pleasant conversation. The next day
my friend asked me to pop round with a shampoo she asked me to buy for her. I popped round
to her hotel (as you do), Tea Tree oil shampoo in hand and my umbrella in another – this time it
had been raining.

Who do I bump into in the lobby? Michael! We had a quick hello and I went up to my friend’s
hotel room. She could see I was bashful yet again. My friend knows me so well, so she was like,
“who is he and what’s his name?” … I proceeded to tell her that I had met a dear fellow in the
lobby last eve and that well he was rather cute. Over the course of the next 5 days I did a few
errands for my friend. I knew the area better and she was on business and didn’t have much
time on her hands. I worked part time, so I did. Over the course of those 5 days I kept bumping
into Michael.

It was my friends last day and I came to her hotel to say goodbye. I hadn’t seen Michael that
time but on my way out the receptionist said “oh miss, I think I have a message for you”. He
handed me a piece of paper that read “encase I don’t see you here again, this is my cell number,
I will be here for a few more days, I’d like to take you out for dinner, Michael”.

Well I jumped and squeaked at the same time! I left the hotel and called him the next day. He
said hello in his beautiful French Canadian accent. I said it was Julianne and that I’d like to take
him up on that offer. He said that he was glad I called and hoped he’d see me again for he left.
He asked if he could take me out for a meal that eve. I said yes! He took me to a lovely
restaurant. Stunning in fact. We talked all the night through. He said he was leaving for Canada
the next day in the evening but that he would be back in another month on business and would
like to keep in touch. We did so and thus began our lengthy love story.

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