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Kendall and Kylie Jenner

Out of the Kardashians, the ones that became well known a little later were Kendall and Kylie. Kris stuck with the “K” names when she had them. She only had them because Bruce really wanted to have children. She had two so they would have each other to play with. They are very close in age.

Kendall may be the daughter of a gold medalist Olympian but she has used those long legs to become a model. She is one of the most famous models in the world. In the early episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, she spoke about how she wanted to model. The show and her family definitely helped her get her foot in the door, but the fact that she’s so good at it is all her.

Last year she got to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Which is something she has dreamed of her whole life. Her sisters and her parents are always supporting her and so proud of her. I think it’s kind of awkward prancing around in front of your father with barely anything on, but she doesn’t seem to mind. Kendall is definitely the more reserved one out of all the sisters which is hard to believe because she does great on the runway, exuding confidence.

Kylie may be the youngest out of all her siblings, but she has reached a whole level of rich when she launched her makeup line. For some reason, the whole world wanted to by Kylie’s Lip kits, which then became eye shadows, and so much more. She was the richest 20-year-old in the world. One year ago, she gave birth to her daughter. She may have been twenty or twenty-one. Apparently, she’s always wanted to be a mom and since she was forced to grow up so quickly, having a child so young didn’t feel so strange.

I have actually no idea but it looks like she’s doing a good job at the whole mom thing. Her boyfriend is still in the picture, so I guess that’s a good thing. All the Kardashian women had children out of wedlock. Kim got married to Kanye only after they had North. They sort of made it the cool thing to do.

I forgot to mention, Kylie was able to hide her pregnancy from the world. She just went dark on social media for about six months. There were rumors but she never confirmed anything until after she had the baby. Everyone was waiting for her to announce her pregnancy in the family’s Christmas card, but she wasn’t even in them. They even did twenty-five days of Christmas, and we were hoping she would appear on day twenty-five with her pregnant belly but she wasn’t. Everyone was very sad. People were losing hope. People were even mad at her.

The day she had her daughter, she released a video that documented her entire pregnancy. Everyone instantly forgave her and was just so happy for her. There she goes again, glamorizing teenage pregnancy.

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