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Making A Private Label

old-mansion-private-labeling-optionsOnce upon a time there was a boy named Young G. Young G was never into these national brands like Kellogg’s or Coca Cola or Kleenex instead he was more of a private label kind’ve guy. He had private label products for everything.

It was a lot like in the beginning of I, Robot were Will Smith had his entire house look like the late twentieth century early twenty-first century despite the movie taking place later in history. So too Young G had his college dorm room filled with private label products for everything. He had private label brand sheets, private label brand cereal, private label brand socks, and private label brand orange juice. Young G even went as far as having a private label brand pair of glasses that he would drive with. If it were up to him he would have a private label brand car. He was using his parents car and they would never go for that. At the same time though I don’t think private label cars even exist. Recently private label products have been ever so popular so they decided to interview Young G about his passion for buying private label products. The interview went a little something like this. “ Young G” asked the interviewer. “ Yes” answered Young G. “ Why do you like private label products so much. I mean don’t you ever have a drive to go and buy some Honey Nut Cheerios or a pair of Hanes socks?” Young G smiled and answered. “ No. To be honest I am currently in school and my parents only give me a limited amount of money. It is hard for me to afford a lot of products. Buying private label products are most cost effective.” “ Don’t you see a difference in quality though?” asked the CE Steele pl vinterviewer. “ No. To be honest with you I have even seen some articles that talked about how at one time maybe there was a difference in quality of the private label products versus the more national brands. More importantly though personally, I don’t really think there is such a significant difference in quality and that is what matters in the end of the day no?” The interviewer responded. “ Yes that’s true Young G if you really are a big fan of private label products over the more national brands I would have to agree with you. You are 100% right.” “ Good to know” answered Young G. Young G tired out from the interview then left the newsroom were he was being interviewed and took a cab, which the news network who interviewed him, paid for. On the way back Young G cleaned his private label brand glasses with a private label brand glasses cleaner. After a short conversation with the cab driver Young G began to read a magazine article about trends in the private label industry and predictions for the industry as of 2017.

Young G then went back to his dorm room, did some homework, and fell asleep under some private label covers. The end!

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