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Water Heater Repair

I’m fresh off the boat here in Bet Shemesh. I have dreamed of this moment most of my adult life and the time has finally come. I started the process around a year ago with Nefesh b’ Nefesh. They are a organization that make it easy to start the Aliyah process. Making the move to Israel is a big step and it was nice to have an organization dedicated to making sure it all went as smoothly as possible. They help you with allsolar-water-egypt the bureaucracy. Once you arrive in the country it’s a whole different story. You are literally in a different country with its own culture. It ain’t the US!

Some of the things we needed to get used to were the foods and different brands not to mention the language. I had done my research before and knew that there was a number of things to understand about appliances and how they worked here. In our apartment here in Bet Shemesh we have a water boiler on our roof which is called a “Dud”. This is our source of hot water for the whole house. If you want to take hot showers this is the thing that makes it possible. It has many positive aspects. It is solar operated which means we use less electricity and we in turn are helping keep the planet a cleaner safer place. There are however downsides to this solar operated boiler mainly that it is solar operated. Although Israel is essentially located in a desert the winters can get pretty cold and wet. It is what we pray for and what we need but with rain comes clouds. Clouds cover the sun and no sun means the boiler won’t be boiling. This means that hot water is not readily available. There is a mechanism that you can turn on that will heat the water using electricity so you can still shower with hot water. Come and check out Efes Takalot water-heater for all your home repair needs.

The problem is that you have to remember to turn it on at least 15 minutes before you want to shower. If you don’t, you won’t have hot water which is pretty uncomfortable. I have made that mistake many times and have showered in cold water too many times. One unfortunate night I turned on the switch and the light did not turn on! No matter how many times I pressed the damn thing it wouldn’t work! I had to take another cold shower which at that point I was pretty used to. The same wouldn’t fly with my wife so I needed it fixed quickly. Luckily I had a magnet on my fridge that had many different appliance repair companies. I called the one that was known to have English speakers and told them they needed to come quick. They came the next morning and switched out the bum wires before my wife knew anything about the issue. I was very pleased with the service and it saved me a lot of stress. Living in Israel has its challenges but it’s all worth in the end, I think at least.

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Glock 17

I am a pistol man. Always have been. You can leave your rifle at your grandma for all I care, real men shoot pistols. Why do I feel that way? Rifles are very powerful and serve their purpose. Don’t get me wrong I spent close to 5 years at the other end of one as a Army Ranger but that doesn’t change my stance. They are fun to shoot and are accurate but they are long range weapons which leave you out of harm’s way. Pistols put you in the heat of the action. Where there is a threat at 10 yards away a pistol can be your only hope. I also think they take more skill and more calm.

glock-17 My first pistol was a Glock 17 (more about Glocks at Gunivore). My dad bought it for me and we both would go to various ranges to shoot. He taught me the importance of how to handle a weapon. He said that when I would grow up and start a family one of the responsibilities I would have would be to keep my family safe! Where we come from that means learning how to properly operate a firearm. The Glock 17 was my best friend for years and I still have that pistol in my gun safe. I have since then collected many more pistols that have helped me to become quite a proficient shooter.

A couple of years ago I entered into a sharpshooter competition. This was the first time I competed and I was nervous. There were many older and more experienced shooters at this event and the pressure was on. I received third place and got an honorable mention as well for being one of the youngest participants at the event. I competed a couple of more times but eventually my life became too busy and I had to retire. I haven’t retired my love of pistols though and I still practice with my pistols every day. I have taken it to the point of building my own range in my basement. It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears but I finished it up last year. Now I can shoot whenever I want and that is usually all the time.

glock17mI now am the proud father of two sons and one girl. They all are big enough to hold a gun and that means I have started training them. I don’t use live ammo pistol with my kids but rather use airsoft pistols. This allows for a safer learning experience. My 8 year old is really getting the hang of it and I think that within the next couple of years I will be training him on my old Glock 17. We are a pistol family through and through. Although I have never had to use my handgun on anyone or any threat I still feel that it is integral for me to maintain my shooting skills. My family depends on me and I will never let them down. Pistols forever!

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Making A Private Label

old-mansion-private-labeling-optionsOnce upon a time there was a boy named Young G. Young G was never into these national brands like Kellogg’s or Coca Cola or Kleenex instead he was more of a private label kind’ve guy. He had private label products for everything.

It was a lot like in the beginning of I, Robot were Will Smith had his entire house look like the late twentieth century early twenty-first century despite the movie taking place later in history. So too Young G had his college dorm room filled with private label products for everything. He had private label brand sheets, private label brand cereal, private label brand socks, and private label brand orange juice. Young G even went as far as having a private label brand pair of glasses that he would drive with. If it were up to him he would have a private label brand car. He was using his parents car and they would never go for that. At the same time though I don’t think private label cars even exist. Recently private label products have been ever so popular so they decided to interview Young G about his passion for buying private label products. The interview went a little something like this. “ Young G” asked the interviewer. “ Yes” answered Young G. “ Why do you like private label products so much. I mean don’t you ever have a drive to go and buy some Honey Nut Cheerios or a pair of Hanes socks?” Young G smiled and answered. “ No. To be honest I am currently in school and my parents only give me a limited amount of money. It is hard for me to afford a lot of products. Buying private label products are most cost effective.” “ Don’t you see a difference in quality though?” asked the CE Steele pl vinterviewer. “ No. To be honest with you I have even seen some articles that talked about how at one time maybe there was a difference in quality of the private label products versus the more national brands. More importantly though personally, I don’t really think there is such a significant difference in quality and that is what matters in the end of the day no?” The interviewer responded. “ Yes that’s true Young G if you really are a big fan of private label products over the more national brands I would have to agree with you. You are 100% right.” “ Good to know” answered Young G. Young G tired out from the interview then left the newsroom were he was being interviewed and took a cab, which the news network who interviewed him, paid for. On the way back Young G cleaned his private label brand glasses with a private label brand glasses cleaner. After a short conversation with the cab driver Young G began to read a magazine article about trends in the private label industry and predictions for the industry as of 2017.

Young G then went back to his dorm room, did some homework, and fell asleep under some private label covers. The end!

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