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Water Heater Repair

I’m fresh off the boat here in Bet Shemesh. I have dreamed of this moment most of my adult life and the time has finally come. I started the process around a year ago with Nefesh b’ Nefesh. They are a organization that make it easy to start the Aliyah process. Making the move to Israel is a big step and it was nice to have an organization dedicated to making sure it all went as smoothly as possible. They help you with allsolar-water-egypt the bureaucracy. Once you arrive in the country it’s a whole different story. You are literally in a different country with its own culture. It ain’t the US!

Some of the things we needed to get used to were the foods and different brands not to mention the language. I had done my research before and knew that there was a number of things to understand about appliances and how they worked here. In our apartment here in Bet Shemesh we have a water boiler on our roof which is called a “Dud”. This is our source of hot water for the whole house. If you want to take hot showers this is the thing that makes it possible. It has many positive aspects. It is solar operated which means we use less electricity and we in turn are helping keep the planet a cleaner safer place. There are however downsides to this solar operated boiler mainly that it is solar operated. Although Israel is essentially located in a desert the winters can get pretty cold and wet. It is what we pray for and what we need but with rain comes clouds. Clouds cover the sun and no sun means the boiler won’t be boiling. This means that hot water is not readily available. There is a mechanism that you can turn on that will heat the water using electricity so you can still shower with hot water. Come and check out Efes Takalot water-heater for all your home repair needs.

The problem is that you have to remember to turn it on at least 15 minutes before you want to shower. If you don’t, you won’t have hot water which is pretty uncomfortable. I have made that mistake many times and have showered in cold water too many times. One unfortunate night I turned on the switch and the light did not turn on! No matter how many times I pressed the damn thing it wouldn’t work! I had to take another cold shower which at that point I was pretty used to. The same wouldn’t fly with my wife so I needed it fixed quickly. Luckily I had a magnet on my fridge that had many different appliance repair companies. I called the one that was known to have English speakers and told them they needed to come quick. They came the next morning and switched out the bum wires before my wife knew anything about the issue. I was very pleased with the service and it saved me a lot of stress. Living in Israel has its challenges but it’s all worth in the end, I think at least.

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