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Natural Shampoos

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is a great investment, not only if you have dandruff but for all around scalp health and wellness. When it comes down to it, shampoo is for the scalp, not the hair, so you want to make sure that you are using beneficial ingredients for a healthy scalp. And yes, there is a difference between doing that and using conventional shampoo. It may even be the case that conventional shampoo is causing problems in your hair and scalp you are unaware of because they are so full of chemicals.

A conventional shampoo is largely made up of sulfates, which while doing a great job of washing away dirt, oil, and gunk, actually end up damaging your hair in the long run. Sulfates are simply too harsh for your hair. What’s more, using shampoo with sulfates and no beneficial ingredients that could help scalp conditions such as dandruff, itching, flaking, and hair loss is really doing yourself a disservice, because you are missing an opportunity to improve the condition of your hair in the shower. Using a Tea Tree Oil Shampoo will do just that.

If you have dandruff, the tea tree oil shampoo by maple holistics will help curb those nasty flakes and that frustrating itch. Tea tree oil can even help with hair loss and promote hair growth. The key when using shampoo, especially this type of shampoo is to massage it into your scalp, and not just mush it all over your hair.

The other great thing about Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is that it is likely it has other essential oils in it as well which can further strengthen the hair benefits of the shampoo. For instance, did you know that lavender oil is not just great for soothing your frazzled nerves after a long day, but can really do great things for your hair and scalp as well. It is also especially helpful for helping hair loss and regrowing lost hair.

Now what may happen after you use this shampoo is that you love it so much that you will want to share it with all your family and friends. A fair warning. Many people upturn their noses when they hear natural products. There are many people who still see essential oils as a hippy-dippy thing. And while you know how untrue that is, it will take a lot of convincing some people that essential oils are actually extremely powerful and effective. I mean they are so potent that most times, you can’t even apply them to your skin without a carrier oil to dilute them with. Anyways, you should definitely try and share your Tea Tree Oil Shampoo with other family members, but you may receive some pushback, so be prepared that not everyone is going to be as open-minded as you were when you decided to try this product. They may warm up to the idea, or they may not, and Tea Tree Oil Shampoo will just have to be your little secret.

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