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Tactical Police Forces Saving Lives With Gunivore

Tragedies are commonplace when it comes to gun use and ownership. In general, 6 out of 14 and third people are going to experience huge traumatic events with regards to owning a gun. Unfortunately serious tragedy is generally unavoidable because guns are dangerous and people are stupid. The cycle (and violence) is vicious and cruel. Families are usually the first ones hurt by gun ownership, as uncles tend to get drunk in the late summer sun and often enjoy firing off a few rounds for the hell of it. The problem is that after a few beers, almost anything can look like a deer to you – I was shot my cousin in the arm after doing some peyote because I thought he was an alien, largely because of his misshapen and trendy haircut.  Crazier things have happened though and many times law enforcement or gun regulations can’t get there soon enough. So what are you to do in these kinds of scenarios?

Well, the first and most obvious solution would be to always carry a second firearm. This means that if you’ve become consumed by a fit of psychotic rage (for any variety of reasons), you can shoot yourself or wound the other arm that’s carrying the initial weapon. Although this does take some mental power, practicing your self-disarming capabilities on the firing range is an easy task and should be done regularly in order to build up muscle memory. In fact, SWAT tacticians have been employing this form of training since the late 80s when a team was secretly sent into space to arrest a band of Taiwanese DVD pirates who broke away with a huge stash of Hugh Grant movies to sell in outer rim. Upon boarding the ship, the team found all the pirates dead – horribly mutilated and occasionally even mumbling things like: “Hugh Grant is worth so much in the future.” As the SWAT team started collecting the evidence and writing up their reports, they were attacked by a parasitic space virus (not in any way similar to an Earth virus) that turned them against one another.

Had it not been for their mounted Helmet Cams™ we never would have witnessed the horror in deep space and learnt from our mistakes. Thankfully, we did and here are a few of the recommended guidelines that we would recommend to anyone in possession of a firearm regardless of age, race, creed or gender.  These are the top for for beginners to look out for. So keep these close.
Never point a gun at anything you are not willing to kill/destroy.

  1. Assume the gun is ALWAYS loaded. You would not believe the number of people killed with “unloaded” firearms.
  1. Keep your finger away from the trigger (outside of the trigger-gaurd), and the safety (if your gun is equipped with one)in the “Safe” position until you are ready to fire.
  1. Always maintain control of your weapon. When in your posession, it should always be pointed in a safe direction. I usually point mine at an angle towards the ground.

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