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Gun safety

When it is a very good idea NOT to have your gun loaded with ammo

Most of the time when you are shooting your glock17, glock 19, glock 30 or any other type of rifle, pistol, shotgun etc. it is important that you have it loaded with ammo. However, I firmly believe, that this is not always the best idea and if you gun-safety1ammo in the gun this maybe a necessary safety precaution you need to take. Here’s an example obviously if you have kids, especially younger kids you take the strictest and most careful of precautions when storing your gun and keeping in out of sigh, out of mind, and out of reach of your smallest children. More than that you ALWAYS and I mean always make sure that the guns safety is on so if unfortunately your child, for some reason finds your rifle or shotgun they don’t shoot. But if for some reason that should happen, even though I suggest you lock your gun in a safe where only you have a key that you never carry on you but have hiding somewhere in a place that only you can get to when you may need it. Additionally though I suggest you take the ammo out of your gun because if for some crazy reason your kid breaks ingun-safetyto the safe somehow (a little crazy and unlikey I know) or for some reason you left your gun in a place that is easier for them to find it will be a lot more difificult for your child to be put in danger if you don’t have the ammo in the gun. Atleast this is my own personal suggestion that is all I can tell you here not much more than that at all this is just the way it is to keep your child safe.

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