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Lets Talk Oils

There are so many oils to choose from these days that it can be hard to know which one to start with. Let’s talk about three main oils today, to give you some background info so that you can pick the right oils for your needs. And trust me, your hair has many needs. If it’s looking dull, lackluster, or just generally not living its best life, then a hair oil can go a long way in improving the texture and health of your hair strands. If you don’t care about your hair health, trust me when I say that we already know it. The way that your hair looks is a direct reflection of your hair health. 


First things first, we’re talking about oils for your hair and skin not for cooking. Although these oils can probably be used in cooking, that’s just not my area of expertise. We’re going to focus on how three main natural, carrier oils (argan oil, coconut oil, and sweet almond oil) are going to help your skin and hair. I should give a warning beforehand that argan oil is actually my favorite oil and can go a long way in truly nourishing your hair strands.

Sweet almond oil, coconut oil, and argan oil contain essential fatty acids that deeply nourish and hydrate your hair strands, for hair that not only looks shinier but feel satin-soft. Argan oil is a powerful moisturizing agent that is used in many salons to achieve that silky-smooth feeling that you get after a fresh hair cut. It also helps your hair strands to be frizz-free. Frizz is something that most people have to deal with when it comes to their hair. I know that my hair can get particularly frizzy and it’s something that I find really hard to come to terms with. That was until I found out about the powers of argan oil and tried them for myself. I find that coconut oil also works but it weighs down my strands which can cause them to look greasy rather than shiny.

I have to admit that I have never tried sweet almond oil in my hair but I’m worried that it’s also quite heavy in texture. The good thing about argan oil is that although it looks heavy and has a rich texture, it’s actually got quite a lightweight consistency on your hair and scalp. The truth is that I try not to use any oils on my scalp because it can be too much for your scalp to handle. If you don’t want your hair to look greasy then be sure not to put argan oil on your roots. The way that you use the oil can vary and you can blend it with a range of essential oils if you want. Some of the best essential oils to blend with include lavender essential oil, tea tree essential oil, and orange essential oil. These oils clarify and balance your hair for tresses that are no only soft but also balanced.

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About Why We Stay In Bad Relationships

There are many reasons to stay with someone who is not good for you. If someone was not good for you in an all-inclusive way, chances are you wouldn’t be with them to begin with. Which means that there is something there which did get you two together, and is now either faded, nonexistent, or otherwise it is covered by a bunch of bad patterns of all kinds. The mind has trouble separating the good from the bad, and it can trick you into thinking one thing, when reality is quite the opposite. Some feel they are undeserving of someone better, for whatever reason. Many times, as a form of self-defense, the one who wants to leave will convince themselves that what they have is the best possible reality for them, even if it isn’t.

The little stories we tell ourselves regarding our own life are meant to keep us from experiencing more pain and suffering than is necessary, but there are times when those stories are predicated on the wrong ideas or presuppositions. You don’t always know what is good for you. Some people are thinking that the partner will change, and that these actions/ideas/problems are only temporary. And as time goes on, they are able to adapt and tolerate more and more. This is not only true to abusive relationships, but to many other kinds. Regarding leaving a toxic relationship: first and foremost, talk to a professional. You can visit your family doctor, a therapist, or tell someone in your church (or establishment of equal importance to you). You need to find a way out, and sometimes we are blind to our own strengths until someone else manages to shake us out of it.

Like I said, there is usually something good in every relationship, and that is what keeps people there even if there are plenty of bad things to go along with it. Maybe he’s sweet when it comes to taking care of your ailing mom. Maybe he buys you jewelry or chocolate and flowers and you enjoy being wooed like that. Or perhaps you have the same sense of humor, so you find yourself laughing a lot and ignoring that deep down there is a bad relationship going on.

It is certainly not easy to leave a bad relationship. We human beings crave closeness and intimacy, and once we find that it is hard to let it go. We fear being alone, we fear losing what we currently have, and we fear the idea of never finding another who will be equally as good or better. But that begs several questions. Firstly, why do we want to hold onto something if we know in our gut that it’s not good? And secondly, why do we have such little hope in the future that we will be able to find our true happiness? I guess it’s not wanting to get excited or not wanting to risk it all and then wind up with nothing.

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Outdoor Weddings

(1) Always Have a Plan B At The Ready! Regardless of the exact location of your outdoor wedding and its weather track record, the bottom line is, when planning an outdoor wedding you are at the mercy of mother nature. Rain, storms, extreme wind or worse are all within the realm of possibility to varying degrees, which is why it’s important to always have a plan B in the event of inclement weather. Hire a tent professional to be at the ready in case of weather trouble, or better yet, opt for an outdoor location that also features a backup, indoor location in the event that something goes wrong.

(2) Time Your Vows Properly: Ideally, at the ultimate moment of the exchanging of vows and the end of the wedding ceremony, you’ll want the outdoor elements to be at their most striking – think sunset, clear skies and natural beauty. An indoor wedding is lighting and climate controlled, and thus timing is not necessarily of the utmost importance. However, when you’re dealing with the sun and sky, timing is everything. Make sure guests and participants arrive on time and that the show is running along smoothly – a wedding planner helps quite a bit when timing is key! Imagine your wedding day is coated with a blanket of snow. It’s a stunning scene, but it can be hard to preserve the snow without getting any footprints. If needs be, don’t be ashamed to take some fake snow and throw it around to fluff up the scenery a little. Just make sure to get an authentic snow machine so that the whole thing to come out tacky. There’s nothing worse than being cold and not even enjoying the view. One of the only things that keeps your heart warm in the cold is the view! Make sure that it’s the best that you can get.

(3) Personally, I couldn’t think of anything worse than an outdoor winter wedding. I used to really want a beachfront wedding growing up. I can’t think of anything more stunning than saying your vows in front of the sun setting into the ocean. I know that I’m not the only one who would like this picturesque view, but at the same time I also have friends who love the cold and the view of the snow literally does it for them. I can safely say that this isn’t the case for me, and it’s worthwhile taking into consideration your guests with these kinds of weddings. I wouldn’t enjoy myself at a wedding where I was too cold to function. I understand how the photos can come out beautiful and make you feel like you’re in a winter wonderland, but maybe save those picture perfect moments for your engagement photos or an occasion where not everyone has to suffer. That being said, you could just bundle up warmly and make sure to have an open bar so that people can warm themselves up the neanderthal way.

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Natural Shampoos

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is a great investment, not only if you have dandruff but for all around scalp health and wellness. When it comes down to it, shampoo is for the scalp, not the hair, so you want to make sure that you are using beneficial ingredients for a healthy scalp. And yes, there is a difference between doing that and using conventional shampoo. It may even be the case that conventional shampoo is causing problems in your hair and scalp you are unaware of because they are so full of chemicals.

A conventional shampoo is largely made up of sulfates, which while doing a great job of washing away dirt, oil, and gunk, actually end up damaging your hair in the long run. Sulfates are simply too harsh for your hair. What’s more, using shampoo with sulfates and no beneficial ingredients that could help scalp conditions such as dandruff, itching, flaking, and hair loss is really doing yourself a disservice, because you are missing an opportunity to improve the condition of your hair in the shower. Using a Tea Tree Oil Shampoo will do just that.

If you have dandruff, the tea tree oil shampoo by maple holistics will help curb those nasty flakes and that frustrating itch. Tea tree oil can even help with hair loss and promote hair growth. The key when using shampoo, especially this type of shampoo is to massage it into your scalp, and not just mush it all over your hair.

The other great thing about Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is that it is likely it has other essential oils in it as well which can further strengthen the hair benefits of the shampoo. For instance, did you know that lavender oil is not just great for soothing your frazzled nerves after a long day, but can really do great things for your hair and scalp as well. It is also especially helpful for helping hair loss and regrowing lost hair.

Now what may happen after you use this shampoo is that you love it so much that you will want to share it with all your family and friends. A fair warning. Many people upturn their noses when they hear natural products. There are many people who still see essential oils as a hippy-dippy thing. And while you know how untrue that is, it will take a lot of convincing some people that essential oils are actually extremely powerful and effective. I mean they are so potent that most times, you can’t even apply them to your skin without a carrier oil to dilute them with. Anyways, you should definitely try and share your Tea Tree Oil Shampoo with other family members, but you may receive some pushback, so be prepared that not everyone is going to be as open-minded as you were when you decided to try this product. They may warm up to the idea, or they may not, and Tea Tree Oil Shampoo will just have to be your little secret.

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Kendall and Kylie Jenner

Out of the Kardashians, the ones that became well known a little later were Kendall and Kylie. Kris stuck with the “K” names when she had them. She only had them because Bruce really wanted to have children. She had two so they would have each other to play with. They are very close in age.

Kendall may be the daughter of a gold medalist Olympian but she has used those long legs to become a model. She is one of the most famous models in the world. In the early episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, she spoke about how she wanted to model. The show and her family definitely helped her get her foot in the door, but the fact that she’s so good at it is all her.

Last year she got to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Which is something she has dreamed of her whole life. Her sisters and her parents are always supporting her and so proud of her. I think it’s kind of awkward prancing around in front of your father with barely anything on, but she doesn’t seem to mind. Kendall is definitely the more reserved one out of all the sisters which is hard to believe because she does great on the runway, exuding confidence.

Kylie may be the youngest out of all her siblings, but she has reached a whole level of rich when she launched her makeup line. For some reason, the whole world wanted to by Kylie’s Lip kits, which then became eye shadows, and so much more. She was the richest 20-year-old in the world. One year ago, she gave birth to her daughter. She may have been twenty or twenty-one. Apparently, she’s always wanted to be a mom and since she was forced to grow up so quickly, having a child so young didn’t feel so strange.

I have actually no idea but it looks like she’s doing a good job at the whole mom thing. Her boyfriend is still in the picture, so I guess that’s a good thing. All the Kardashian women had children out of wedlock. Kim got married to Kanye only after they had North. They sort of made it the cool thing to do.

I forgot to mention, Kylie was able to hide her pregnancy from the world. She just went dark on social media for about six months. There were rumors but she never confirmed anything until after she had the baby. Everyone was waiting for her to announce her pregnancy in the family’s Christmas card, but she wasn’t even in them. They even did twenty-five days of Christmas, and we were hoping she would appear on day twenty-five with her pregnant belly but she wasn’t. Everyone was very sad. People were losing hope. People were even mad at her.

The day she had her daughter, she released a video that documented her entire pregnancy. Everyone instantly forgave her and was just so happy for her. There she goes again, glamorizing teenage pregnancy.

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Frank Zappa

Zappa in New York was the first Zappa album I had consciously heard. My father used to play a lot of him, no doubt, when we were younger. But there was one day when my older brother called me into our shared room, and handed me an audio tape. “You gotta listen to this funny song”, he said. And I did.

The song that open the Zappa live album recorded in NYC in the late 1970’s is Titties & Beer, and that particular performance will always be the original for me, even though it was played many other times. I don’t even know if there is a studio version of it. I’ll have to check that out.

What striked me about that album is how carefree it was. My brother and I listened to that whole album shortly after the discovery of that song, and I fell in love with the gig almost immediately. My brother was doing other things at the time, and didn’t really get into Zappa. Not as much as I did, anyway. I walked up to my pa, and I told him that that show must’ve been something. He told me if I think he is weird – which I did – I should’ve seen the crowds and freaks at the Halloween Zappa concerts in New York. He was at one or two of them at the time, and he said it was quite an experience, to say the least.

FZ has since died, but it is very comforting to know that his children are carrying on his legacy in their way. Dweezil Zappa and his group are playing the Zappa Plays Zappa concerts all over the world, and are delighting millions with their tight sound and generous covers. It is only appropriate that a Zappa will want to keep his father’s music alive. And Dweezil is a talented and gifted musician on his own, let alone when he steps into his father’s shoes.

Zappa was a highly prolific writer and artist. He was a wonderful conductor who could get so much out of his band and his audience. His body may be gone, but his spirit and music live on in a big way, through those of us attending shows, buying CDs, downloading files, and “getting down with our bad selves”, as he says during the NYC gig. That music is still amazing to me. I could write an academic paper on the evolution of The Black Page alone.

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MIchael And I

I met Michael in the lobby of my friend’s hotel room. She was having a business meeting so I
took my glass of wine into the reception area and sat down on the hotel’s great big blue sofa
and started to read the NY Times. Michael came into the reception and sat down opposite me.
He was on a vacation with a group of friends and was doing a tour. We just started to engage in
conversation. I asked him why his hair was wet, had it been raining? He said that he had just
jumped out of the shower. I slightly put my head down in a bashful way. It kind of broke the ice!
We talked for about 30 mins and well we hit it off. He said he was staying in the hotel for
another week and my friend was also staying in the hotel for another 5 days so I had another
chance of seeing him again. We said our goodbyes after a pleasant conversation. The next day
my friend asked me to pop round with a shampoo she asked me to buy for her. I popped round
to her hotel (as you do), Tea Tree oil shampoo in hand and my umbrella in another – this time it
had been raining.

Who do I bump into in the lobby? Michael! We had a quick hello and I went up to my friend’s
hotel room. She could see I was bashful yet again. My friend knows me so well, so she was like,
“who is he and what’s his name?” … I proceeded to tell her that I had met a dear fellow in the
lobby last eve and that well he was rather cute. Over the course of the next 5 days I did a few
errands for my friend. I knew the area better and she was on business and didn’t have much
time on her hands. I worked part time, so I did. Over the course of those 5 days I kept bumping
into Michael.

It was my friends last day and I came to her hotel to say goodbye. I hadn’t seen Michael that
time but on my way out the receptionist said “oh miss, I think I have a message for you”. He
handed me a piece of paper that read “encase I don’t see you here again, this is my cell number,
I will be here for a few more days, I’d like to take you out for dinner, Michael”.

Well I jumped and squeaked at the same time! I left the hotel and called him the next day. He
said hello in his beautiful French Canadian accent. I said it was Julianne and that I’d like to take
him up on that offer. He said that he was glad I called and hoped he’d see me again for he left.
He asked if he could take me out for a meal that eve. I said yes! He took me to a lovely
restaurant. Stunning in fact. We talked all the night through. He said he was leaving for Canada
the next day in the evening but that he would be back in another month on business and would
like to keep in touch. We did so and thus began our lengthy love story.

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Tactical Police Forces Saving Lives With Gunivore

Tragedies are commonplace when it comes to gun use and ownership. In general, 6 out of 14 and third people are going to experience huge traumatic events with regards to owning a gun. Unfortunately serious tragedy is generally unavoidable because guns are dangerous and people are stupid. The cycle (and violence) is vicious and cruel. Families are usually the first ones hurt by gun ownership, as uncles tend to get drunk in the late summer sun and often enjoy firing off a few rounds for the hell of it. The problem is that after a few beers, almost anything can look like a deer to you – I was shot my cousin in the arm after doing some peyote because I thought he was an alien, largely because of his misshapen and trendy haircut.  Crazier things have happened though and many times law enforcement or gun regulations can’t get there soon enough. So what are you to do in these kinds of scenarios?

Well, the first and most obvious solution would be to always carry a second firearm. This means that if you’ve become consumed by a fit of psychotic rage (for any variety of reasons), you can shoot yourself or wound the other arm that’s carrying the initial weapon. Although this does take some mental power, practicing your self-disarming capabilities on the firing range is an easy task and should be done regularly in order to build up muscle memory. In fact, SWAT tacticians have been employing this form of training since the late 80s when a team was secretly sent into space to arrest a band of Taiwanese DVD pirates who broke away with a huge stash of Hugh Grant movies to sell in outer rim. Upon boarding the ship, the team found all the pirates dead – horribly mutilated and occasionally even mumbling things like: “Hugh Grant is worth so much in the future.” As the SWAT team started collecting the evidence and writing up their reports, they were attacked by a parasitic space virus (not in any way similar to an Earth virus) that turned them against one another.

Had it not been for their mounted Helmet Cams™ we never would have witnessed the horror in deep space and learnt from our mistakes. Thankfully, we did and here are a few of the recommended guidelines that we would recommend to anyone in possession of a firearm regardless of age, race, creed or gender.  These are the top for for beginners to look out for. So keep these close.
Never point a gun at anything you are not willing to kill/destroy.

  1. Assume the gun is ALWAYS loaded. You would not believe the number of people killed with “unloaded” firearms.
  1. Keep your finger away from the trigger (outside of the trigger-gaurd), and the safety (if your gun is equipped with one)in the “Safe” position until you are ready to fire.
  1. Always maintain control of your weapon. When in your posession, it should always be pointed in a safe direction. I usually point mine at an angle towards the ground.

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Private labeling

Brands are important because it’s how people or buyers know what company they are using and if they like it they can buy again. Businesses uses brands or private labeling specifically for that reason. Anyone from Innovators to old standing businesses want consumers to keep coming, if it’s just a onetime consorted there is not much profit made by that. That’s why private labeling and good brands are very important for that.

Giving people the reprivate-label2cognition of your own private label lets them know that they are getting that great product they got that other time when they were very happy when they bought that product. Making it catchy for the eye makes it even better because they will remember it more. People don’t like the unknown and like have something they are familiar with. I personally hate it when I get something and I have a few option and I really don’t want to get one that bad quality. So that’s why I use the brand, if I buy something good I will buy it again.

That is what you want as a private label company. You want customers to come back to you to build sales and profits. Everyone knows Nike, Pepsi, coke and companies like that. They have a common denominator of have very known labels. Those companies aren’t private but  isn’t that what you really want? To go from a private label to a huge google icon. Everyone will know your label. That will be how people recognize you from the others in the market.

I knew this private label owner and now thank god his company is doing great. He started off as a small private label. He put a really big focus on the label of his company and him so thankful he did. That is haw people see him. And more importantly that is how he projects himself to the world. It’s so curial especially in private-label3marketing. I good label will get so many people looking a therefore knowing about your label. People realize companies like Kellogg’s or hello kitty. They kids see the difference between the good cereal and the bad one (or the one they don’t like) even before they can read sometimes. It registers in the mind and its stays there, weather in the conscious or the subconscious but its there.

Small business are so important to the economy. If there were no small companies getting big then all the big companies will have a sort of oligopoly. Small up and coming companies or shops make the economy great. The result is competitiveness. They make the other companies lower prices or make better quality. Competitors balance out the economy. That’s why we need the new small private labels. And there label is crucial so that their client base not only stays but grows until they are another big time player in the market.

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Gun safety

When it is a very good idea NOT to have your gun loaded with ammo

Most of the time when you are shooting your glock17, glock 19, glock 30 or any other type of rifle, pistol, shotgun etc. it is important that you have it loaded with ammo. However, I firmly believe, that this is not always the best idea and if you gun-safety1ammo in the gun this maybe a necessary safety precaution you need to take. Here’s an example obviously if you have kids, especially younger kids you take the strictest and most careful of precautions when storing your gun and keeping in out of sigh, out of mind, and out of reach of your smallest children. More than that you ALWAYS and I mean always make sure that the guns safety is on so if unfortunately your child, for some reason finds your rifle or shotgun they don’t shoot. But if for some reason that should happen, even though I suggest you lock your gun in a safe where only you have a key that you never carry on you but have hiding somewhere in a place that only you can get to when you may need it. Additionally though I suggest you take the ammo out of your gun because if for some crazy reason your kid breaks ingun-safetyto the safe somehow (a little crazy and unlikey I know) or for some reason you left your gun in a place that is easier for them to find it will be a lot more difificult for your child to be put in danger if you don’t have the ammo in the gun. Atleast this is my own personal suggestion that is all I can tell you here not much more than that at all this is just the way it is to keep your child safe.

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